Civil Litigation is the process of carrying out a legal dispute between two parties over specific circumstances and actions. It is the way in which people who feel that they have been wronged in some way seek justice through legal channels. Our team of civil litigation attorneys and paralegals represent clients in hearings, trials, arbitration, and mediation with administrative agencies and courts.

Civil litigation is an inherently adversarial process, which means that the two parties and their attorneys are arguing in direct opposition to one another. However, this firm seeks to find the best resolution to your case in a cost-effective manner.

Working in Civil Litigation

It takes a great amount of skill, intelligence, and knowledge to be a civil litigator, as this type of law is constantly changing and evolving over time. It requires that the litigator be keen on new developments in law as well as having strong research skills to apply to each specific dispute. Since no two disputes are ever exactly alike, the circumstances and conditions of the dispute have their own particular qualities that must be fully understood by the litigator. Roybal-Mack & Cordova, P.C.’s team of civil litigation attorneys and paralegals have been through a wide range of civil litigation cases involving disputes of all kinds, including sexual harassment, discrimination, contract disputes, and property disputes.

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  • Business Disputes

    Business disputes usually occur between two business entities that have done business with each other but end up disagreeing on the terms of their contract or whether the contract has been truly fulfilled. Business disputes can involve disagreements over property, billing, services rendered, information sharing, and many other disagreements that can occur between businesses. Any person involved in a business dispute should have legal representation to make sure that they are well-protected and not taking advantage of during the process of resolving the dispute. In many cases, contracts between businesses have a clause stipulating that if a dispute should occur, then the two businesses will go to arbitration or mediation instead of going immediately to court.

    What is Arbitration and Mediation in Business Disputes?

    Arbitration and mediation are the two most common forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). ADR methods are used to settle disputes between parties without having to resort to litigation, which is a courtroom process that can prove to be long, exhausting, and very costly. These are both methods of dispute resolution that will keep your affairs quiet and ideally find a resolution much faster.


    Arbitration is an out-of-court method of dispute resolution in which a third party, called the arbitrator, sits with the two parties disputing, listens to each party’s position on the dispute (usually argued by their lawyers), and then makes a final decision in favor of one of the two parties. The arbitrator’s decision is a binding decision with legal authority that usually cannot be appealed.


    Mediation is similar to arbitration in that it involves a third party overseeing a dispute between two parties. The difference is that the mediator, unlike an arbitrator, does not have the power to make final and legally binding decisions over the dispute. The mediator assists in the dialogue between the two disputing parties and helps them come to an agreement on their own. In the end, the two disputing parties must find a solution themselves, and the mediator is an objective third party that helps them to do that.

    Make Sure You Have Representation for Any Business Disputes

    If you are involved in a business dispute, make sure that you have legal representation whether you are going into arbitration, mediation, or courtroom litigation. In any of these situations, an attorney will protect you and make sure that you aren’t taken advantage of. Roybal-Mack & Cordova, P.C.’s team of expert business attorneys is here to resolve your business disputes with your interests in mind.

  • Property Disputes

    Property law is a type of civil law that deals with property disputes. Property disputes are disagreements over different forms of ownership of real, tangible property and personal property. Property disputes can deal with land and objects as well as with intangible property such as copyrights, money, notes, and stocks. Property can be transferred between parties, whether businesses or individuals, and sometimes the transfer of property can create disputes. It is necessary to have an attorney present when negotiating a property dispute to ensure that the terms of property transfer and the solution to the dispute are fair and just.

    Personal vs. Real Property

    There are two types of property, personal property and real property. Real property tends to refer to immovable property, which is property that cannot be physically moved from its location. Personal property refers to movable property, which includes just about everything else.

    Movable property is that which can be moved or transferred without causing any damage in the moving process. Movable property can be objects, money, or anything else that can be transferred or relocated. On the other hand, immovable property is property that cannot be transferred without damaging the asset itself. For example, a house would be considered immovable property because it can’t be literally picked up and moved elsewhere. It is fixed in its location. Now, while the house itself is immovable property, the deed to that house can be considered immovable property.

    Intellectual Property

    Intellectual property is property that is a creation of the mind that is owned by a person or party and protected by the law. An example of intellectual property would be the ownership a copyright on a song or book, both of which are ideas generated by a persons mind. The ideas don’t have a physical, tangible structure to them, but they are still considered property. Intellectual property disputes are a common occurrence in today’s world, and the battles over intellectual property rights can be fierce. This is why a very experienced and knowledgeable intellectual property attorney is needed to solve these disputes successfully.

    Protect Your Assets

    If you feel that you have been wronged by an individual or entity and have lost property in the process, contact us at Roybal-Mack & Cordova, P.C.’s, and our property law attorneys will fight to regain lost property, protect your assets, and get you proper compensation for any losses.

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